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Birrie is an award winning costume and production designer in both film and theatre and after years of experience finds herself comfortable in both worlds. She started her career as a costume designer in theatre, but soon found herself styling commercials and production designing South African films, subsequently working with several international commercial, TV and feature film directors.


She has an innovative approach and versitality which enables her to express her talent in various styles and mediums and with a particular attention to detail.


She was resident costume designer at the Fugard Theatre from 2016 - 2019 and most recently designed the costumes for their production of Kinky Boots, with music by Cindy Lauper and directed by Matthew Wild. In 2018 she designed the costumes and set for the Royal Shakespeare Company and Fugard Theatre co-production of Kunene and the King with John Kani and Antony Sher, directed by Janice Honeyman.


In 2018 she designed Poppie Nongena, a film by Christiaan Olwagen to be released in 2020. She also designed his film Johnny is nie Dood nie in 2016, for which she won the Silverskerm award and a SAFTA nomination, for best production design.


Birrie holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre Design from the University of Pretoria and is based in Cape Town.





Production design

Silverskerm Award winner, Johnny is nie dood nie , 2017

SAFTA nominee, Johnny is nie Dood nie, 2017

Emmy nominee, Mankind, the Story of All of Us, 2013

SAFTA winner, Fiela se Kind, 1988



Fleur du Cap nominee for costumes – Endgame 2018

Fleur du Cap nominee for costume design - King Kong 2017

Fleur du Cap nominee for costume design – Funny Girl – 2017

Naledi Award nominee for costumes – West Side Story 2017

Fleur du Cap winner for costume design – Orpheus in Africa 2016

Naledi Award nominee for costumes – The Boys in the Photograph 2010

Vita Award winner for costumes  design - Merchant of Venice 1992

Vita Award winner for set design – The Road to Mecca 1989

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